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Episode Archive

Justin is a local comedian, Skateboarder and a man who helps the disabled all while being vision impaired himself. This episode we talk balloon fetishes, how we're all scared when we're alone, Crime or no Crime comes back when we find out Greg's lady stole a dog and MFKL goes video game style!!! 

Richard Humphrey comes back for round 3 with The JolleySharps and we discuss the first mouth hug he got, Tyler’s weird running issue, eating on the stairs, Richard does mushrooms & ruins someone’s day, birthday parties for one year olds, and we play MFKL Hot Mom Type Edition. 

Veteran and internationally traveling comedian Erik Knowles joins us for an awesome episode where we discuss his time in the Marines, how he organically started in comedy, picking fights, being a dad, Levi lovin', Erik's run in with some creepy photo requests and we play MFKL with Chris Farley, Alec Baldwin, John Belushi & Will Ferrell. 

This episode Ian tells us his favorite fight stories, some great drinking stories, MFKL goes childhood heart throb and we discover a new side of Spotify

This episode we sat down with Todd Rexx and talked how he was raised, His mom was the funny parent, an amazingly crazy hook up gone wrong and why he prefers bush over bald. Catch his comedy special taping at The Satellite February 11th.

This episode Jozalyn and Tyler sit down with Zoltan Kaszas. We talk the origin of his name, why Denny's makes him sad, Zoltans crazy road stories and it seems like a lot of sex. MFKL goes ladies of sports center and one oddball

This episode we got to meet Actor/Writer Gus Langley. With his over 100 stage performances and recently getting his 50th professional IMDB. credit, we had plenty to talk about. We discuss crazy performances, MFKL goes animated in a weird way and we learn that Gus will do damn near anything for a wafer. 

The return of Matt Markman!! Last time we had him on the show Greg got a little Tipsy and Matt demanded an apology. This time around we talk Comedy. Tyler and Matt compare heckler stories. Matt tells us his favorite pranks and we get deep about why farts are funny. MFKL goes Asian! 

The hilarious Shang comes on to talk his new special coming out 2/24: “Shangry”. We chat with him becoming a man thanks to Mrs. Robinson, he got busy with an amputee, pubes, politics, his worst show ever, his best show ever, and the lesser known local comics we love, plus MFKL gets political.

Tab Llloyd joins us in studio to talk 3larious coming back, a hookup that ended in an awkward encounter with some parents, when things go wrong doing live theater, her being in the circus, fighting and more! 

Matt Dorman sits down with the JolleySharps and talks his new book and its successor, and when and where they’ll be available. We chat being in the military, being a father, losing virginity, we read a listener email, and Matt meets his match in Impossible TV Trivia.

Star of episode 6 and the famous “most drunk ever” JSH, Devin Sheffield comes back in the studio to share his climb to the top. In a year this man changed his entire life and we get to spend some time celebrating him for it. We talk bad hookups, dating now, we get real silly and laughter is constant. 

Haunted house expert, body modification lover, audio engineer, friend of all freaks alike: Drew Beddow joins us to talk a new level of freaky sex, suspension, chess, being a dad, haunted houses, and more!

We partied with The guys from TFTI!! We talk The Louis CK scandal, how men are going to inevitably change how they interact with people, different sexualties, Jozalyn has a threesome in high school, porn and Jozalyn quizzes the guys on porn subcategories and we listen to a clip of Rise to Offend, stage fright and how standup has changed, how we feel about the Marvel and DC universes so far.

This episode we sat down with Barman Jeffrey Grindley. We talked performing and swapped our crazy bar stories. . We played MFK Wrttiers Edition with Stephen King, JRR Tolkien, Chuck Palahniuk and Michael Crichton. Make sure to go see Jeff make his amazing cocktails in downtown Las Vegas at Atomic Liquors. you won't be disappointed.

Nationally touring comedian, famous womanizer, prankster, and the king of “yes, and”-ing life, Brandt Tobler joins the JolleySharps in studio. We talk his book Free Roll, having a shitty dad, how he’s messed up a lot of great relationships, he’s ready to settle down, a multitude of crazy sexual escapades, and we play MFKL with some of Brandt Tobler’s enemies.

Internationally traveling comedian, Paul Ogata, joins Tyler and Jozalyn in studio to discuss unknowingly dating a crackhead, his extremely uneventful virginity lost, threesomes, his worst show ever, he is firm in his stance on the choking debate, he kills it in Impossible TV Trivia, he throws produce at children & we play MFKL current cabinet edition.

The JolleySharp Hour celebrated one year of podcasting together on 10/14 LIVE in Las Vegas at E-String. Special appearances by Randall Thompson and Kyle Anderson. We chat with audience members about how they lost their virginity. We read listener email stories of horrible hookups, and we play Impossible TV Trivia with the crowd. Randall revisits the double d story and Greg struggles to convince the audience in the choking debate. MFKL with the crowd, and we get sappy at the end.

Greg hasn’t been home in awhile so we utilize this unique opportunity of a cancelled guest to do another Family Home Evening. What’s Greg been doing? Improving his life. Tyler and Jozalyn have had strange interactions with strangers. Tyler discuss Brokeback Mountain in the one hour photo at Wal-Mart with the employee developing his photos, and Jozalyn gets complimented by a potential murderer in Glendale, AZ. We get deep into discussion on a Bustle article regarding the “7 Signs You’re Bad in Bed”: how do you know if the girl is into it?, should you be orgasm focused? We’re not qualified to discuss it but we do anyway. A very special edition of MFKL: People Tyler hates!

“The Diabolical” Sam Tripoli joins the JolleySharps in studio and gets weird on the virginity story, lets us into the mind that created The Tin Foil Hat podcast, chat’s with us about his extremely popular podcast Punch Drunk Sports, he reminisces about some of his worst shows ever, and Sam Tripoli’s the heck out of this episode. Buckle up, you’re in for a ride.

Anton Knight joins us to talk about doing comedy and his first time on stage. He loses his virginity to the ultimate Mrs. Robinson, his son has his smart mouth, our favorite memories of Anton including his catch phrase “you stupid” and Tyler tells a story that involved Eminem, Anton & wolves. Anton needs to stop encouraging people to use racial slurs and his asthma is in full effect.

We bring the prodigal son of the very first live JSH in studio to sit in for Tyler while he’s out of town. Richard puts the brain back into JSH and we chat our regular topics: balls, boobs, and butts. But we also explore movies, Coke VS. Pepsi, and much more. Richard flabbergasts Jozalyn at the retelling of something he saw on TLC, Greg is adamant about booty watching, and Richard & Greg get political. A very special MFKL with the 90’s heartthrobs Tiffani Amber Thiessen, Kimberly from the Power Rangers, Mia Sokoloff, and Joey Lauren Adams.

Greg, Tyler and Tyler's fiancé Stephanie sit down with Comedian From Arizona Amy Blackwell and talk small town living, Comedy, Scary movies and Ernest Saves Halloween!! Amy gets quizzed on Friends, Roseanne and Law and Order SVU. The MFK segment gets all 90's sitcom'd with Dan Connor, Colonel Potter, Will Truman and Niles Crane!!

We chat with Phillip about how he started doing comedy, hecklers and Tyler reminisces about him being heckled at Blind Tiger. Greg and Tyler regularly address their speech directly to Phillips mom. Favorite missed connections. MFK with Tina Fey, Anna Faris, Anna Kendrick, & Aubrey Plaza.

We sat down with Roberto from Thanks for the Invite and chatted about how graphic designers get fucked. Roberto and Yisel losing their virginity and getting engaged. Roberto gets quizzed on Dragonball Z. We talked about Cuba and Yisel joins us to talk some.

Alex joins the JolleySharps in studio and we discuss sexual deviances, Alex’s manhole cover size hands, what is off limits for him in the bedroom, how far he’s willing to go for a woman’s pleasure, how he got started doing comedy, what it was like to lose his virginity in a college dorm that was fresh out of condoms and the adventure he had to go on to find them, how he doesn’t hate a certain someone that he may seem like he does, him being a computer programmer, Greg tries to sway Alex to his side of the choking argument, and we play M,F,K,Lock In a Basement with tech icons and actors who’ve played tech icons. 

Philip has been in the Vegas comedy scene from a long time and has played every role from producer, promoter, to comic. He’s an accomplished improviser and actor as well. We delve deep into what we think makes good comedy and what we think has changed in what we see. Is it worse to follow a comedian bomb or crush? Why do comedians blame the audience? We philosophize about something we all know a lot and simultaneously nothing about. Phil’s girlfriend, Brenna Folger-accomplished stage actress and director, sits in for Greg and shares here perspective on what her perspective is on the world of comedy from the outside and sometimes from the inside. 

We finally get a chance to sit down with hilarious comedian and all around good dude Donnie Johnson. We chat how he got started in comedy, getting booed, Jozalyn shares a racist experience she had recently and her recent run in with the police, how racism has affected his comedy career, we talk openly about the race dialogue in America, then in true JolleySharps fashion take a hard left and Donnie tells us about how he ran 38 blocks after losing his virginity, Greg and Donnie bond over their mutual love of hip hop, we give Greg a chance to convince Donnie that eating booty is a good idea, then we play MFK R&B superstars edition. 

We sit down with John Gilligan and discuss his heart attack and what that’s done to his noggin over time. How he copes with short term memory loss when doing standup. Were they eating the booty like groceries back in the day? How did one lose their virginity in the 70s? What happens when you bully a creative artist who later goes on to create an amazing cartoon franchise? We answer this and more on this episode of The JolleySharp Hour. 

We are joined this week by Eddie Gunn, mixologist extraordinaire and world traveler. We talk having a new baby, how he and Tyler originally met, why super crammed bars suck for both the customer and the bartender, booze, traveling the world, the worst international handy, American women vs European women, being a nerd, and we legitimately had THE best time with Eddie. 

The JolleySharps get a moment to sit down together and reconnect. Jozalyn was flabbergasted at the amount of weird news she had read that day and shared it with Tyler and Greg. The chat parents who were tricked into going to a fundraiser for pedophiles, a “Breatharian” couple who doesn’t believe they need food to live and can survive just on the universe’s energy, meth-heads are making actual rock candy now, and a Canadian hotel who’s serving their guests human toes and what happens when you steal one of those toes. What does a ‘Toe Captain’ do? Did they need to put so many foot puns in the article? We don’t know but we loved it. The tequila starts to flow and we have a serious heart to heart then Jozalyn on her never ending love/hate relationship with all things Cosmopolitan magazine shares some dating tips for women they printed and finds out how the guys feel about it. We play M/F/K/LIB CGI character edition and find out Greg doesn’t care if what hole a woman has as long as he can stick things in it.

We finally got our little bambino Victor in studio to join us for an hour of drinking and debauchery. We chat comedy, fatherhood, him being robbed on Christmas Eve while delivering for Papa John’s, him losing his virginity to his best friend’s sister almost ending in an incestual cuckold situation, lying to a girl about being an MMA fighter and how telling her you quit fighting isn’t telling the truth, the fight he doesn’t remember but almost got him beat up on laundry day, and him almost drowning due to poor understanding of how to get out of an inner tube.

Our good buddy and long time musician and entertainer Eric O’Brien joins us to talk about virginity lost but it ends up sounding creepy and we don’t let him live it down, we talk about some of the crazy things that happen being in a punk band in Boston and touring all over the country, we talk fighting, assholes, and test his trivia knowledge of his and his wife’s favorite television shows.

In a hilariously fun episode we get very talented improviser and stand-up comedian Tommy Todd plastered. He struggles with Impossible TV Trivia, breaks his chair, tells us the story of him falling out of a moving vehicle as a child, and as the liquor keeps flowing Tommy gets going and we have a blast riffing and chopping shop with the dude. Check out some of the hilarious photos and videos posted on our Instagram and Facebook that show the aftermath of that night. Tommy tries to fight a kitten, does open mic comedy, and karaoke all while being so drunk he only knew one question that night, “Who do you guys want me to punch?” 

Sam Ratcliffe joins us and educates us on how we could do better by the animals in our lives, we chat animal abuse and how prevalent it is in the entertainment industry, why you shouldn’t watch those viral videos of dogs doing tricks, then we kick into full JolleySharps gear and Sam regales us with a story of the party she wasn’t quite invited to but didn’t entirely crash, her involvement in the comedy world, and her different events around the city to benefit animal rights. 

We sit down with Manfred Hein and talk about how he lost his virginity, the backlash of alternative burlesque acts in his hometown comedy show, what happens at house parties definitely doesn't stay at house parties, living in Reno, how he got started in comedy, his official change to "Manfred". 

Jill Kimmel takes a break from her week of doing standup in Vegas to stop by and chat with The JolleySharps. Jill takes us down memory lane when she bought her first piece of music and didn’t even have anything to play it on, her story of virginity lost could be a scene from an 80’s teen movie, she chats about her new beau and how good it feels to be divorced, how she got started doing standup, what life is like in comedy post-divorce and what’s next for her, Jozalyn is eskimo sisters with too many people in the room, Jozalyn gives a tutorial on the best blowie she’s ever given in her life and Jill promises to put her teaching to good use, what happens when we play MFK with Butch Bradley, Brandt Tobler and Shawn Halpin? We all end up super conflicted and Tyler argues he would be a top despite everyone at the table thinking he’d be a bottom. 

The JolleySharps sit down with Bobby Wayne Stauts to discuss important topics like: What do you do when you see two men pleasuring themselves when you and your honey are in the pool, comedy is not the only thing he likes to do in front of an audience, how clean the provided towels are in a swingers club, how to break up an orgy, and why people are so obsessed with eating catfish. In a special Mary Jane edition of Impossible TV Trivia, everyone wins! 

We sit down with our old friend Trez Mala and discuss lying, losing his virginity to his baseball coaches daughter, seeing Aladdin in each original theatre run on acid, drowning when he was 2 and how that affected his life, he does mediocre in Impossible TV Trivia, the choking debate takes a weird turn and Jozalyn is forced to see the error of her ways, and they play MFK Incarcerated Edition with Martha Stewart, Robert Downey Jr, and Dr. Dre. 

Greg and Tyler sit down with musician and longtime friend Pete Reyes to discuss Pete's new project Youth Fables; old projects in Verbatym, in:aviate, and motions and miles; and reminisce stories from their more than a decade friendship.

Randall joins us and discusses losing his virginity during a threesome, we chat about how he’s delightfully offensive and intelligent, him lying about his dad being dead, the scariest doll chair in a basement ever, he drinks Olde English and regales us with tales that involve too many people in one hole, and we laugh our way through the rest of the podcast talking about a menagerie of nonsense. 

Tyler and Jozalyn sit down with their good buddy John Campbell and talk about the night that Jozalyn and John met and how it ended in this divorce, how his ex took his dog and most of his prized possessions, what revenge he took on her, the first time he was caught smoking weed, the worst virginity story we’ve heard to date is told, growing up in the South and John struggles through Impossible TV Trivia. 

We sit down with Butch Bradley and we finish the Impossible TV Trivia from the first episode he was on, we talk about why you shouldn't let Butch borrow your VW, his childhood quest to get a dirtbike, what people around the world think about Americans, how he became acclimated to Chinese traffic, and what’s new for him in comedy. 

Freddy Correa joins us and we fail to drink out of wacky straws, masturbating while driving, masturbating at work, Freddie not being out of the church closet, the want vs need to eat a person's butthole, Tyler relives a show in Pahrump and the poor end to that night, vomiting undigested food, and the amount of comedy specials out now. 

Darron joins the JolleySharps for a night of drinks and chatting. Jozalyn and Darron nerd out, we explore if Darron actually is attracted to women, Darron explains what a normal guy he is and he and Greg chat college sports, we learn how Darron got started in comedy, how uneventful him losing his virginity was, he struggles through Impossible TV Trivia, and things take a steep turn. Tune in to find out how Darron ended up topless at a bar after recording this episode.

Our old friend Gabe was in town so Tyler and Jozalyn met up with him to catch up on how stand up has been treating him in the bay area, how he once creatively cheered up Jozalyn, what life on the road was like for him, how he found out his ex was a cheater, what losing his virginity was like, we find out he doesn't really know that much about his favorite television shows, we reminisce about roast moments in the Las Vegas scene and commiserate about what it takes to cut your teeth in the scene here. We play our first MFK with people we know when we all MFK Philip Kotler, Geoff Grant and Anton Knight.

Comedian and FM Radio Host Graig Salerno joins the JolleySharps to chat about why he hates all things and people,  if he actually does care about women, how he ended us with his adorable dog, he and Tyler showing up at Jozalyn's apartment drunk one afternoon, Graig being caught in a compromising position by his mother, Graig does decent at Impossible TV Trivia, and we get him to admit he actually likes us.

Sam Tallent sits down with The JolleySharps to discuss what comedy is like now for him, what the Vegas comedy scene is like in comparison to other scenes, Sam gets blindsided by Impossible TV Trivia, he tells us the story of his favorite show his ever done and a very painful rendition of the worst show he's ever done. 

The one and only Steven Briggs sits down with Tyler and Jozalyn and discuss the greatest prank ever pulled by Steven and it just so happened to be on Jozalyn, they take a walk down memory lane with Steven from the years they’ve known him, they take a call from KOMP 92.3 FM’s Graig Salerno, we get a big dose of homophobia from the internet when we go live on Steven’s Instagram, Tyler received his best sleeping tutorial ever from Steven’s dad, we chat how Steven and his family survived a serial killer, and why bros didn’t come before ho’s when Steven tried to lose his virginity. Steven confirms Jozalyn is the champion of pickup lines. We play our hardest Marry, F***, Kill yet with Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, and Trevor Noah.

FatBeard himself, Danny Ballard, sits down with The JolleySharps to discuss how his web media business got started, why dating women in Vegas is the worst, reveals what kind of savage Jozalyn actually was when she was single, they talk what it was like for Danny to have a heart attack so young, and how his kids are dealing with it, we find out Danny is eskimo brothers with Tyler, how Jozalyn and Danny met at a late night open mic on the East side, Danny and Jozalyn chat about their favorite animated Joker,  and we play the nerdiest version of Marry, F***, Kill to date.

Tyler and Jozalyn sit down with Charlie Stone as Greg and Charlie battle it out to see who's the smartest King of the Hillian. They also talk about road stories, how a flight attendant made her millions, scary movies and Charlie blurts out that he would marry Greg.

Local comedian Cecilia Sample sits down with The JolleySharps to talk growing up in a town full of alien abductions, her confusion regarding losing her virginity, and how she once got couples therapy from Jeff Dunham's puppet.

The JolleySharps get together for a Live Podcast at Time Out Sports Bar and Grill in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tana the Tattooed Lady, world  renowned burlesque dancer, joins us to tell us why Paris can be kind of like Vegas, comedian Richard Humphrey plays Impossible TV Trivia, tells us a confusing story about how he passes time on a flight, and we try to end on time then get told to keep going so we party until the end. 

Jozalyn is out this week and Tyler and Greg sit down with friend and comedian Matt Markman to swap stories and test if Matt really is the biggest Dawson's Creek fan ever. In what is one of the best victories at Impossible TV trivia ever, Tyler and Greg get highly intoxicated and things get weird. Tyler's roommate even has to sit in as a pinch drinker for Greg.

Butch sits down with our hosts and gets deep right away, we take a call from Butch's mom about being one of the first people working in gambling in Atlantic City, what Patrice O'Neill said to Butch before his first time on stage, along with amazing stories and parables of what he's learned from traveling all over the world. Subscribe and rate 5 stars if you enjoy! More at

Alex Ansel joins us to tell us about where the nickname "Kool-Aid" began, how he's liking the Vegas comedy scene since moving from Texas, what it's like to travel the country with WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Jake "The Snake" Roberts, and the longest real fart caught on TV. Please subscribe and rate/review if you enjoy! More at

For episode 11 Greg, Tyler and Jozalyn sat down after a few weeks apart to catch up with each other. Jozalyn lets them know the perils of throwing up in a bathroom in a laundromat in East LA, Tyler lets us know how hard people in Utah really do party, Greg and Tyler have questionable morals when it comes to sex and women, and how we are starting to be too old to keep up with slang.

JB Baretsky sits down with us to discuss why he has no childhood memories that stick out to him, how he became so musically inclined, standup in Vegas, and his teaching career.

Jon Stringer joins us and shares stories of accidentally killing a bunch of frogs and how it devastated him, his ability to lie his way through anything, a tale of a shart, and his bike trip from Texas to Alaska. 

Tyler and Jozalyn sit down with Steven Roberts to discuss married life, his brief career as a stripper gorilla, the biggest lie he's ever told, and what the rules of love are.

Tyler and Jozalyn sit down with Gooch to discover why he trusted frat boys, Gooch's interesting theories on good parenting, and decide who of us would be the best wingman.

Tyler and Jozalyn sit down with Devin and start to talk comedy and TV then things take a sharp left turn. Listen to find out what happens when a man gets blackout drunk on a podcast. 

Tyler and Jozalyn sit down with Will and discuss the 70's, Will's Entertainment company, we debate the friendzone, and how women used to fall for Will's terrible pickup lines.

Tyler and Joz sit down with Joe Caliz to discuss karate, racism, how poor Joe is, and the election.

Comedian Jason Halpin and his fiance Jonni Williams join us to talk about how little Tyler and I know about professional running, test their skills on TV show trivia, talk about the first time we all ever had sex, and whether or not Jozalyn is blind or Benicio del Toro is actually good looking.

Greg Price sits in with Jozalyn and Tyler to discuss what he does when left to his own devices, how blow jobs never end well for him, and what King of the Hill porn does to the soul.

Comedians Tyler Jolley and Jozalyn Sharp discuss how they became friends, how they got started in comedy, play Never Have I Ever & Marry Fuck Kill.